Standard Trading Conditions


Services Provided By Star Worldwide Group Pvt. Ltd. (Subject to detailed arrangements agreed with individual clients)

Provision of suitable packing materials, Packing, wrapping and protecting all items for shipment including listing and labelling, Provision of steamship container/shipping lift case(s) and/or storage containers. Loading and packing all items, Preparing and distributing all necessary documentation and instructions.

Transportation Services: Arranging and paying for all en route transportation by land, sea and/or air including port handling charges, bunker, congestion and currency exchange surcharges, Attending to customs export formalities.

Destination Services: Attending to customs clearance formalities at destination, Providing inland transportation, co-ordination of delivery services, unloading shipment and unpacking, setting up and reassembling furnishings, Disposing of packing materials.

Storage Services: Goods that are being “left behind” are treated as a separate shipment, packaged and loaded into storage containers/lift vans and held in a secure warehouse until the owner returns and delivery and unpacking is required, Storage charges are based on a one time charge for preparation and transportation to the storage warehouse; a monthly charge for storage and further one time charge for delivery out. Storage Insurance is available at an additional charge.

Exclusions: Quoted rates unless specified exclude customs duties and govt. taxes, demurrage and detention charges, delivery above 4th floor, piano & heavy lifts, en route storage, abnormal destination access and services of specialised tradesmen.

Validity: Quote is valid for 90 days, from date of submission.

Payment Terms: Unless specified or otherwise contracted for Sea shipments on production of shipped on board certificate and before release of bill of lading. For Air shipments on handing over shipment to airline.


The Company (STAR WORLDWIDE GROUP PVT. LTD.) and the Owner agree that this transaction shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delhi.

Company’s Liability

The Company’s liability shall be limited to the value of the actual loss or damage to a maximum liability of Rs 25 per Kg per article, piece or package with the exception of Boats, Automobiles, or other motorised vehicles, for which the maximum liability is Rs 9 per kg. The Owner may elect to complete a valued inventory of his goods and purchase All Risk Insurance arranged through the Company, in which event coverage will increase to the values so purchased and the terms and conditions of the Insurance Policy will apply. The client is to ensure that a valued inventory list is provided and insurance application form completed before the shipment is picked up from the residence and that premium is paid. If no application is completed, it will be presumed that the client does not require insurance to be arranged through the Company.


The Company will not be liable for the following losses or damages. (a) Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, dampness or atmosphere, extremes of temperature, deterioration, moth or other insects, inherent vice and hidden or internal damage to goods not packed or unpacked by the Company or its,agents. (b) loss or damage to documents, accounts, specie, bills, currency, money, notes, securities, jewellery, watches, precious stones, furs or any similar items. (c) Breakage, chipping, marring, denting or scratching unless the item is packed by the Company or it’s agents; (d) The contents of packages and articles in drawers of furniture unless packed by the Company or its agents; (e) Mechanical or electrical malfunctions of items with electronic or mechanical components such as entertainment or household appliances, computers, auto- mobiles or other vehicles or boats unless evidenced by external damage to such items; (f) Piano tuning; (9) Deterioration or injury to perishable foods, plants, congoleums of linoleums; (h) Damage to waterbed mattresses however caused; (i) Delays caused by faulty or impassable highways; lack of capacity of any high- way, bridge, ferry or caused by breakdown or mechanical defect of vehicles, vessels or aircraft; Goods placed in storage are stored at owner’s risk. Storage rates do not include insurance.

Beyond Reasonable Control

The Company is not liable for loss, damage or delay caused by an act of God, public enemies, riots, strikes, acts or defaults of the Owner, the authority of law, quarantine, failure of any carrier en route, the costs of marine general averages or any cause beyond the Company’s reasonable control.

Absence of Owner or his Agent at Loading or Delivery

Where, through no fault of the Company, the final carrier is unable to effect delivery to the Owner or at the Owner’s request the shipment is stopped and held en route, the goods may be kept at a public, licensed warehouse, subject to reasonable charges for storage and there held at the risk of the owner, without liability to the Company and Subject to a lien for all freight and other lawful charges including a reasonable charge for storage. Where the Company is directed to take property from a place or places at which the Owner, or his agent, are not present, the property shall be at the risk of the Owner. Similarly, goods shall be delivered at Owner’s risk at places where no authorised person is present to receive and sign for the shipment.

Rights of Subrogation and Payment of Lawful Charges

The Company is entitled to recover from any shipping line, air line, rail, road carrier or warehouseman involved in this contract, the amount of any loss, dam- age or injury that it may be required to pay hereunder, caused by or resulting from their handling of the goods. Loss or damage en route shall not relieve the owner from the Owner’s obligations hereunder to pay freight and all other lawful charges accruing from the moving and or storage services.

Explosives and or Dangerous Goods

Any person, whether as owner or agent, shipping or storing explosives or dangerous goods without previous full written disclosure of their nature to the Company or its agent, shall indemnity the Company against all loss, damage or injury caused thereby and the goods may be warehoused at the risk and expense of the Owner.

Storage of Household Goods

(a) The Owner agrees (1) To notify the Company within 2 days from the date of pick up, of any goods not listed on the receipt. Failing such notification, the Company shall be responsible only for the goods listed on the inventory. (2) To notify the Company in writing and within 30 days of any change in address. (3) To pay all or any charges for storage services as provided in this Agreement. Storage charges shall be assessed monthly or quarterly in advance of each month or quarter or part thereof. Accounts are payable forthwith when invoiced and thereafter, subject to a service charge of 2% per month on a monthly compound basis. (b)Written notification of any adjustment to monthly storage charges will be provided 90 days in advance; (c) The Company reserves the right (1) To transfer the goods stored hereunder to any other Company or agent’s warehouse within the local region. Such transfer will be at the Company’s expense and subject to providing the Owner with written notification of the change. (2) To terminate the storage contract by providing the Owner with 90 days written notice. In the event that the Owner fails to remove the goods in the time specified then the Company may do so at Owner’s expense. (3) To require seven (7) days written notice of intended total removal of goods from storage or of any access for examination or partial removal. Delivery and or access charges are in addition to monthly storage rates and will be charged at the rates prevailing at the time. (d) The Company shall have a general lien on any and all property deposited with it. In the event that storage and other related charges are not paid when due, and after the required notice to the Owner and public announcement, the goods shall be sold at public auction, as required by law, with the proceeds going firstly to pay accrued storage and related charges and the expenses incurred in the sale of the goods.


Any and all claims for loss or damage to the goods shall be submitted to the Company. Initial written notification of such loss or damage must be reported within 15 days of delivery of the goods. A full written report, setting out the detail of the claim, including estimates of the amount claimed must be submitted to the Company within 30 days of full delivery. In the absence of these notification the Owner hereby waives and agrees to waive all claims for loss or damage. Claims for missing items will only be reviewed if the shortages / loss is noted on the delivery document / receipt at the time of accepting delivery from the Company or its representative/agent.


When the Company acts as a sub-contractor to deliver imports the Terms and Conditions covering such shipments are those contained in the contract between the Client and the Originating Mover.


These terms and conditions taken along with the information provided on the quotation shall represent the entire agreement.

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