Star Worldwide Group is a premium service provider operating in the field of Information & Record Management and related services in India. We use the latest technologies in information and record management to provide our customers with secured data storage & handling solutions.

In a growing economy like India, the prospering businesses across all industries are feeling the constant need for installing an efficient Information and Record Management System (IMS/RMS). This need stems from the introduction of the independent regulatory mechanisms that are already in place, or will be implemented soon for all sectors and from the every growing need to access information faster.

We recognize this necessity and challenge for businesses today, and offers you state-of-the-art storage infrastructure and advanced data management mechanisms, which are reinforced by a series of failsafe security initiatives. Our aim as a solution provider is to provide secure storage and handling of information to simplify the retrieval, cataloguing, indexing, conversion, and disposition of data.

Not only do we offer you these services, we customize them to provide you with personalized solutions for your business requirements and process full. A well-maintained IMS and RMS proves to be a big stress-reliever in normal day functioning of any business and gears your business functions to meet the challenges of accessing it’s information faster.

Records Management

Record Management is an administrative procedure for managing physical data throughout its lifespan in an effective and cost-&-time-efficient manner. Contemporary times have enabled organizations to generate and gather large amount of information. While most of this data is sensitive to the business, business entities are often at a loss in the preservation and storage of this valuable information.

Our record management team provides you with hassle-free storage, maintenance and retrieval of your business records from its off-site facilities that are easy to monitor, through online access from your office.

The deployment of computerized tracking system O’Neil RS-SQL ensures complete and comprehensive cataloguing, secure storage and remote access of all the files and records. We can manage the entire lifecycle of your business records from storage to secure disposal including extensive records management services like cataloguing, indexing, retreval, scanning and data conversion

Data Tape Management

The amount of data generated for a corporate has increased exponentially over the years. This data is often the backbone of a company and needs to be protected against potential disaster. Most large organization use tape devices to back up data but do not have practical logistic in place, or a safe offsite storage facility for the devices; hence weakening the disaster recovery efforts.

For this reason, Starbic has introduced data tape vaults meeting the best international standards in tape and media storage. The climate-controlled vault is designed to keep your valuable date safe and have a number of security systems in place like CCTV cameras, fire detectors, access control and static-dissipating racks to name a few.

Your custom rotation schedule is monitored by our system to insure no back up’s are missed. All transportation is carried out in a closed air conditioned vehicles and using special hard carrycases to protect the devices from the environment, shocks and unauthorized access.

Digitalization & Scanning

We offer a diverse range of customized digitalization and scanning services to achieve various business objectives for your corporate. These services have been designed to specifically provide a high-end quality and efficient solution at a low-end economy.

>The large amount of diverse physical information amassed by a corporate makes it difficult to instantly locate specific information when urgently required. As more and more customers’ desire reduced service times, digitizing your information could give your business the competitive edge it needs.

In addition to that, a lot of work hours, space and labor costs can be saved by opting for digitization/scanning of the entire company physical records.

This service can either be integrated with your existing Document Management System (DMS)or choose one of our partnered Document Management System (DMS) providers who have developed a robust software with user friendly interface to manage the scanned images.

Mailroom Management

Our mailroom management services provides for convenient and efficient transferring of physical data & records from your branches & associates to our secure offsite storage facilities to be cataloged and linked with our Record Management Services(RMS). You can have your partners courier the records directly to our nearest RMS center to have it indexed and stored, reducing the chances of lost documents and saving in time & resources.

Our team will track the courier and provide you with MIS reports as per your requirements so that your organization can continue to focus on growth.

This service brings the subsequent benefits for your organization:
  • Saving on cost, time and transportation resources.
  • Elimination of organizational resource allocation.
  • Seamlessly links to our scanning and RMS service.
  • Reduction in loss of originals

Secured Shredding

As the life of important & sensitive organizational documents & records come to an end, worries arise about their safe and secure disposal. In most cases data leakages arise from the apparently destroyed or disposed data tape, media devices and documents; which may fall in to the wrong hands. Hence, the comprehensive destruction of confidential documentation acquires a prominent place in the corporate minds.

Our shredding services can meet the highest levels compliance with benchmark processes and procedures for destruction of both electronic and physical records.

We provide both onsite and offsite data destruction using plant-based and mobile shredders for all media types. For onsite destruction, the shredders and bins are placed and rotated as per a schedule determined by you. While, for offsite destruction, the collection is done by our expert staff, and the process in the most secured manner.

As part of our Eco-Efforts, Starbic can also assist you in recycling the shredded documents.

Asset Tracking

In today’s dynamic environment, the asset requirements frequently change for a growing business. While some furniture needs to be moved in, other equipment needs to be stored for future consumption. However, most often, businesses are unable to keep track of its assets in storage or across their various office locations. And when the corporate offices are large or spread-out, locating an asset lying unused becomes a major issue. Such unused and untraceable equipments lead to unwanted new purchases, thereby involving wastage of financial resources as well as the precious office space.

With our group’s experience in office moving and warehouse management, we have designed advanced asset management solutions to meet the problem. This is made possible with our durable barcodes, or using advanced RFID technology, which enables hand-held scanners to locate the tagged asset from a distance. Our well-trained personnel prepare a comprehensive index and employ the best international warehouse management practices.

With our Asset Management service you can keep track of any physically movable asset along with their present condition and usage history. Our online tracking system has a user-friendly interface and puts you always in command of your assets.

You can instantly locate any asset, saving on time and expense to replace or identify lost and unused items. If the need arises, you can quickly locate and transfer the stock using our extensive and secure vehicle fleet.