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Under appointment from the Ministry of Culture, Star Fine Art & Exhibition Logistics teams worked round-the-clock during the setup of the Bharat Mandapam at the summit venue and also at the NGMA Exhibition area, handling multiple artefacts from not only India but countries like Australia, Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Amsterdam, Oman, USA to name a few.

Scope of Work

International Artifact Coordination and Transportation

Coordinated the transportation of artefacts from diverse countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Amsterdam, Oman, USA.

Custom Crating and Secure Packing for Multinational Artifacts

Multinational Artifact Protection

Provided specialised crating and packing solutions to ensure the safety and security of artefacts from various countries.

Exhibition Setup and Installation Services

Round-the-clock efforts for the setup of Bharat Mandapam at the summit venue and efficient installation services at the NGMA Exhibition area for a seamless display.

Climate-Controlled Storage and Preservation Services

Implemented climate-controlled storage solutions to maintain optimal conditions for delicate artefacts, ensuring their preservation.

Customs Clearance and Regulatory Compliance

Managed customs clearance and ensured adherence to international regulatory standards for artifacts from multiple countries.

On-site Security and Tarmac Supervision

Provided on-site security during setup and exhibition to ensure the safety of artefacts.

Tarmac Supervision: Supervised loading and unloading on aircrafts to guarantee secure transportation.

Post-Exhibition Artifact Handling

Post-exhibition efficiently handled dismantling processes, preparing artefacts for their return journey.

Benefits to the Client

Global Collaboration 

Enabled the collaboration of diverse cultural artefacts, showcasing a global perspective and Cultural Diversity at Bharat Mandapam.

Multinational Artifact Integrity 

Custom crating solutions guaranteed that each artefact, regardless of its origin, underwent secure packing and transportation, ensuring their safety throughout the project.

Seamless Exhibition Experience 

The round-the-clock efforts during setup at the summit venue and NGMA Exhibition area contributed to a visually impactful exhibition experience for attendees.

Artifact Preservation

Climate-controlled storage solutions ensured the preservation of delicate artefacts, maintaining optimal conditions to prevent deterioration.

Global Compliance Assurance 

Efficient customs clearance and adherence to international regulations facilitated a smooth exhibition setup, eliminating delays and regulatory complications.

Security and Supervision 

On-site security and tarmac supervision added layers of security, providing continuous monitoring to safeguard artefacts during setup and transportation.

Efficient Post-Exhibition Handling 

Streamlined processes for post-exhibition dismantling ensured artefacts were efficiently and safely prepared for their return journey to their respective countries.

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