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BD India, a global medical technology company, faced a critical challenge in managing and optimising their extensive information management processes. The complexity of their requirements, spanning physical record storage, digitisation, inventory management, secure disposal and fulfilment services, demanded a strategic and comprehensive approach. 

The challenge lay in finding a service provider capable of seamlessly integrating these diverse services to meet the unique information management needs of BD India, ensuring organised record-keeping, protection against loss or damage, quick and secure data access and regulatory compliance assurance.

Scope of Work

Physical Record Storage and Cataloging

Implemented efficient physical record storage and cataloguing services to ensure organised and easily retrievable records.

Digitisation and Scanning

Conducted accurate digitisation and scanning services, ensuring a seamless transition to digital records while maintaining data integrity.

IT-Enabled Inventory Management

Implemented IT-enabled inventory and retrieval management, including web access, to facilitate quick and secure data access.

Secure Shredding and Disposal

Ensured secure shredding and disposal services in compliance with regulatory standards, safeguarding against data breaches and unauthorised access.

Fulfillment Services

Provided comprehensive fulfilment services to meet BD India’s specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and integrated information management solution.

Benefits to client

Organised Record Keeping

Achieved a systematic and organised approach to record keeping, streamlining information management processes.

Protection Against Loss or Damage

Mitigated the risk of data loss or damage through secure storage, digitisation, and efficient retrieval processes.

Quick and Secure Data Access

Enabled quick and secure access to data through IT-enabled inventory management, improving overall operational efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Ensured compliance with regulatory standards, providing BD India with confidence in meeting legal requirements for information management.

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